Our winemaking philosophy - led by Chief Winemaker Dave Whyte – is one of minimal intervention, allowing the grapes to express their true qualities in the resulting wines.

In its purest form, our minimal intervention approach means winemaking that doesn't unnecessarily add or remove anything at the cellar — it's about turning grapes into wine with as little interference in the winemaking process as possible.

At Buller Wines we strive to make wines that have a real sense of place and reflect the regions and vineyards in which they’re grown. For example King Valley whites are clean, crisp and refreshing, reflecting the cool climate growing conditions.

Rutherglen reds and fortifieds on the other hand are big and bold having great depth of flavour reflecting the long warm growing season and the deep rich soils.

In the winery we don’t use the rollers on the crusher, which allows for more whole berries in the red wine ferments, creating our Buller Wines signature style of fruit forward, approachable red wines.

Famed for our fortified wines as much as our table wines, grapes are not just picked on sugar ripeness but by flavour ripeness and then fortified on skins for an extended maceration period to build great structure into our fortified wines.