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Tokay and Icecream

Tokay and ice cream has always be a wonderful stopgap in our family when we just want something for dessert, or have unexpected visitors.

resized__300x200_tokay_and_icecreamAll you need is some nice ice cream and a bottle of Fine Old Tokay.

Put the ice cream in a bowl and pour over some Fine Old Tokay.  The Tokay melts the ice cream slightly, making a lovely creamy sauce.  

You can also soften the ice cream and mix the Tokay through the ice cream and refreeze. Serve this more Tokay and dried fruits reconstituted by soaking in liqueur or orange juice.  The possibilities are endless.

The photo was taken at our recent Sweet and Sticky event where Mica Benito, Brunetti's Chocolatier decided that  the Tokay would be best served over some of their delicious vanilla bean ice cream.

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